Rare cells in the blood are an accessible window onto many disease processes, from cancer to infection. Finding and characterizing these rare circulating cells can be valuable for diagnosing disease, predicting disease outcome, or for selecting treatment.

Cells within blood have varying densities, which give them different buoyancy. RareCyte's AccuCyte® blood separation system takes advantage of this to separate whole blood into cell fractions and plasma. Simply put, cells of a known density can be separated from other cells and then visualized by microscopy after staining for specific targets on standard microscopic slides. Selected cells can then be retrieved using RareCyte's CyteFinder® instrument with CytePicker® module for single-cell molecular analysis, such as next generation sequencing.

Any tissue-based analytic test now becomes possible on individual cells in blood.

The combined AccuCyte®¬†and CyteFinder®¬†technology platform is designed for integration with automated immunostaining instruments that are widespread in research and pathology laboratories for tissue analysis, making workflow efficient and consistent. Protocols for specific applications have been developed for all three major research use automated staining systems (Dako Autostainer, Leica Biosystems® BOND RX, Ventana DISCOVERY).

Today, RareCyte is focused on three applications: oncology, prenatal health, and infectious disease. However, many more applications are possible and coming soon with the help of our collaborators.